About Angie

Here are the tangibles.

I grew up on a farm in the heart of the Midwest.  My childhood included loving parents, 2 younger brothers, and a supportive (but tiny) church.  I graduated from high school with 20 other students in my class, located in a “village” of about 850 people.  

Yes, I was sheltered.  :)

My childhood did not, however, include a lot of Things.  My parents started with basically nothing except a powerful work ethic.  Dad worked for (and then eventually with) a local farmer, raising crops and cattle.  My Mom went to work at a nearby grain elevator so that we would have health insurance (and later on afford family vacations too).  


My younger brothers are both talented, inspiring men who challenge me to go deeper.  (Married to amazing women, I might add.  Our family is cool.)  My wonderful husband is a hard-working, talented, self-employed contractor.  After college and the start of our careers, we came back “home” to no-man’s land around our 7th year of marriage because this is where his business was thriving.  He built us a house (that story here) -with help from our supportive families- over the course of 3 years. That was kindof nuts. We have 3 incredible children that keep us busy and regularly baffled.  I like to speak highly of my husband and kids, but we come with our own built-in baggage and issues. Our marriage has not been perfect, but the God of our marriage is. Because of the grace of this God, we are still married and we are very thankful.


The Lutheran church is where I was raised, but I was also heavily influenced by a local non-denominational Bible church where I was part of the youth group.  I've had exposure to many different church bodies and joyfully appreciate the community that church provides.  Our current Lutheran church community is a powerful force for good in our lives and I cannot imagine where we would be in our marriage or daily lives without it.  

How I Got Here 

I taught High School English for over 6 years until giving birth to baby girl #2 and making the move to stay home more.  The decision to transition to stay-at-home-mom was a huge deal, and that's how this blog was born.  

Today I’ve been mostly-home with my family for 6 years.  I am thankful everyday for God’s provision and the opportunity to be this involved in the lives of my children.  I never imagined we could afford to take the pay cut, but by the grace of God we’ve made it work.

I give so much detail about my story as I blog and speak because I am a big believer in sharing your stories.  I believe, no - I KNOW - that when we share our stories we create connections with each other, encourage others, and find relevance in our own story.  

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