My House Fell Down!!

The reason this blog is called Home Building, is because it began when we were faced with the daunting task of building a house. It wasn't our original plan and wouldn't be a typical house-build.  (Building on evenings and weekends and half the time wondering where the money would come from.)

At the same time, I was learning how to be a SAHM. I had left my full-time job when we were expecting our second. I just couldn't balance it all and I knew I was being called to be at home for my family. This was a crazy-hard transition for me, partly because I had never imagined myself staying at home with our kids.  (My friends were all like, "You?")

As I faced two life-changing events that were NEVER part of "the plan," I turned to writing more and more. I needed community and I found it when I shared my struggles and became more vulnerable with my peers.  

Since the moment that catapulted all of this was when the house fell down, it makes sense to bring all those posts together here so people can get the whole story. :)


When I quit my job and we moved back "home," we needed a new place to live. We bought an old house and planned to remodel it and... well, it's a long story. A story I never dreamed would be mine. The bottom line is, my husband is a contractor and so in his spare time he built us a house. It took 3 years. :)

The story of the house and the drama begins here House Plans 101.

Progress is then tracked in these following posts:

Sometime after this, we came to expect a new baby. Pregnancy + a new baby = fewer house updates and fewer pictures. There were some blogs about me having a hard time adjusting to the fact that progress on the house wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind...

This post, Turning Fear Into Faith, is a glimpse at the kind of emotional roller-coaster that I was on during this process.

In September '10, Edwin was born.. and the house continued to come right along...
I finally posted a picture of the house 2 years after we moved in.  lol  It was a while before we had siding on! Despite the details that need to be addressed, I think it's gorgeous and every time I pull up to our home, I'm amazed and praise the Lord for this gift!

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