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Speeches Angie is Offering in 2015

Angie considers it a privilege to encourage women in the midst of the joy, chaos, and exhaustion of daily life!

Her ministry is to remind women of the Truth of the Gospel and how it applies to every messy day of reality. No matter where we are. 
No matter what we've done. 
No matter what we are facing. 

Through the ups and downs of her own life, Angie has learned over and over, we do NOT find peace within ourselves. We find it in Christ; who comes to us from outside of our sinful selves and makes us new with His holiness. We are the recipients of His grace!

2015 Messages

When Your House Falls Down

My house literally fell down!! I’d love to tell you this ridiculous story and the 3 ways we can cope when our plans are falling down around us.

What happens when your house falls down? How do we cope when life isn’t looking the way we expected it to?

All of us have had really well-laid plans that fall apart. It’s disappointing, maddening, and sometimes paralyzing.. No one likes to be in a constant state of transition, but there are seasons of life where we are hanging in the balance for what seems like forever.

How does one cope with the anxiety that accompanies an unknown future? Where do we turn when our heart’s desire is snatched away… again?

Based on experience, Scripture, and research, Angie identifies 3 elements that carry us through the heartbreaking seasons when life isn’t lining up with our expectations.

Messy Life Meets Jesus

Where do our messy lives meet up with God? Are you feeling like you need to clean things up before you can come before him?

God’s expectations are not for you to make him proud or earn his love. He wants us to bring him our messes. We all have them and they are not pretty. God knows that. No where in the Bible does it say we are in charge of sanctifying ourselves.  

Through the story of one woman who was a vital part of God's plan, we find out how He uses us no matter how messy our lives appear.

Closer to Sanity

4 surprising things every mom needs that will transform her perspective and her relationships, bringing her closer to God… and sanity.

How do we keep our sanity in the midst of all the roles we have to play?! Well, it turns out we each have a ministry as a wife and a mother. When we understand this, things start to slide into place.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have any other jobs or priorities, etc. But it DOES mean you can give yourself permission to see the value and significance of the roles you play in your family. You’re on a mission and that means you can set some standards that prioritize your family ahead of the long to-do list the world has for you.

Working on the farm, I found out that to prepare for a task, it's important to understand the goal, pack your toolbox, and get to work. In Closer to Sanity, we will identify the job before us, and pack our toolbox, so we can approach our ministry with confidence and the peace of Christ.

You Tell Me

Let's talk about what your group is looking for. I'm happy to create a message that serves the unique needs of your event. Can I help your group see how God's Word applies to everyday life? I'm game.

Contact Angie to speak to your women's group. 
She's flexible and excited to bring a message of encouragement to your event. 
angiejean.99@gmail.com or 309-825-1321

Angie has been speaking to audiences for over 10 years sharing messages that make the Bible relevant to people’s daily lives. In a reflective, conversational style, Angie is honest and open about life’s joys and struggles. With these stories and experiences, she makes connections to God’s Word and how we can be sustained and strengthened in His Truth and Grace.

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