Family Building

Family Building is really hard.  At the beginning, you think that it will happen on it's own.

A spouse + kids = family.  

In reality, it's much more labor-intensive than that.  And some days it requires so much more than I have in me - it's tempting to just crawl right back into bed.

But I can find comfort knowing that in the midst of the bad days (and we all have them), in the midst of all the learning I have to do yet...

I can find peace and hope and comfort and forgiveness in a full-of-grace God.  

I might crawl back into bed occasionally,
but He will build my house with the faith and wisdom he graciously grants when I seek it.  

Read "Building Family," and consider that all the pain and heartache and wisdom and grace... is worth it.  It's these things that force us to lean on the only one who can bind-up;
the only one you want building your family.

Read "Wisdom Seeking" and be strengthened by the truth that
God wants us to seek Him even we have no clue what we are doing,
so that we can step out of the way
and he can reveal Himself to us.

Check out the blog for more help figuring out this Family Building craziness. 

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