Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Week

Feel free to continue to comment on the Happiness post even though I'm posting anew. The 2 comments we have are really great and I love that they are of different perspectives. Good stuff.

Interesting week in that this weather is crazy. I'm trying to remember if I've ever been paying this much attention when our temperature was so low for so many hours in a row. Illinois is more akin to the drastic change: it's 0, now it's 40, now it's 60! what the hay?! But this 20 below windchill for an entire day... yikes. So I'm not going to leave my house for at least 36 hours. It may sound drastic, but Clare isn't feeling that well with the runniest nose ever and she just looks pathetic. Between that and us not really having a good reason to leave, we're staying put. Wonder what I'll do with all of Sophia's energy tomorrow.

The real reason I'm here though, is because I'm excited about a small purchase we made this weekend. We found our first bargain - the kitchen sink. Wandering past some random items on clearance, the sink caught my eye. It's extra deep, a brand name, and the under-the-counter kind (can't remember the name, and I hate to wake Brad up when he is sleeping so soundly on the couch :). Maybe you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, the sticker said the price is normally $258, and we paid $110. :) Now, really, do you believe the original price listed? I am so cynical about this stuff. Whenever I see things like this I usually just roll my eyes. But now that it's our money that we are potentially saving; our amazing deal that we are finding - I want to believe the sticker. Either way, I've decided that anybody that keeps a tab of how much they save on "deals" uses this same number, so I will too.

So we have the sink, and for Christmas Brad got me the entrydoor handle that we picked out. When I opened it Joseph was like, "Nice! Now all you need is a front door to put it on. Drive around and look for a house with a front door missing the handle, and that's yours! No problem." hilarious.

I'd like to think the list gets longer, of things we have for the house. But I'm not real sure it does. Brad has probably been stashing away this and that in materials, but it can't be too much. Surprisingly, I'm ok with this. We should be getting the house and ice-storm-damaged trees out soon and then we'll really feel like we're making progress. In the meantime, if you run across an amazing deal on a newer dishwasher, let me know. :)

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  1. Oooh . . . I love the under the counter sinks. Good for you!


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