Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I’m sure I’m not the only one here that thinks my kids are geniuses. :) I mean, we all think that about our kids, right? Actually, geniuses might be a strong word. ;) But I am enamored with the talents and skills that they reveal. Sophie’s observations are impressive (“It’s hard to tell what stars look like, isn’t it mom?”) and Clare is so good with patterns. The other day she was playing with an old TROUBLE game at mom and dad’s. She started placing the colored game pieces on the matching sections of color on the game board! :) I was amazed. Her ability to match what matches, making connections, exceeds that of some adults I know.

Then the other night the girls were painting with watercolors. Clare’s looked about right for a 22 month old. It was all over the place, but she was having a good time. Cool. Then she carefully adds the color brown to all four corners of her paper – just in the corners, like photograph corners.. or the corners of a frame. This floored me! What in the world? Such precision! The planning! Here was that pattern-making again. Amazing.

So of course I’m watching her carefully and telling Brad and wandering around the house feeling so proud of my baby girl. What a brain she must have. When I wandered back into the kitchen, Clare turned to look at me and now she was not holding the paintbrush in her hand.. but in her mouth. Across, like a dog holding a bone. .with a big grin at me, knowing she was being silly. The next thing I know she has paint on her face and is sucking on the end of the brush.

Oh my brilliant baby girl, you are so good for my soul.

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  1. I love you!! Thank you so much for your comments on my page. I miss you!!
    Your girls are adorable and brillant. How could that not be??


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