Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A New Day

I've read into chapter 6 of the Birth Order Book. This chapter is titled "Moving from Perfectionism Toward Excellence." In this chapter he talks about the difference between Perfectionism and Excellence and has a number of "tips" for me to get better. :) One of his recent points is that I might not take criticism well. Huh.

Is it a coincidence that I haven't gotten very far in this chapter over the past 2 weeks? I have plenty of excuses - 2 of my very good friends had new babies within 2 days of each other last week. Plus Easter brought plenty of busyness and a scrapbook for G'ma H that I was finishing. But when I opened it today I was like, oh, yea, this stuff. huh. Concentration level was not super. All these points about what I'm doing wrong.. it's hard to swallow. And a lot to change. yuck.

Today I tried something new though. One weakness I have is that I don't try new things that I'm afraid I might fail at. I knew this before I picked up the book, but it's made me think more about it. Anyway, today I gave blood for the first time. I'm sure it sounds dumb that I thought I might fail at that, but I was pretty sure the chances were high that I was going to pass out. That's just what happens to me. :) But I didn't! And it went great. I've always had a lot of guilt about not doing it. My dad has always donated and I know it's needed and a good thing. Since I had plenty of people to help take care of my kids, and few excuses, I went for it. It was awesome to have my girls there to see this act of service in their mom, both grandpas, a great-aunt and plenty of others in the community. I want this kind of thing to be really natural for my kids. Overall, it was a big blessing.

And that is what it's about - one day at a time. Overcoming challenges, yelling a little less than the last frustrating day, trying new things.. eating ice cream with the girls. :) It was a good Monday. Oh, it's Tuesday? Huh, well, I never said I was perfect. ;)

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