Monday, May 11, 2009

Really Starting

It is done.
Yep, there it is. A mother's day gift of sorts? :)
So, it came down on Friday and today the hole where our new house will go was cleaned out and the new house foundation will be coming soon (hopefully). Tonight we staked out where the house would go. I wish I had my camera to get a pic of Brad pounding in the stake. That was what I really wanted to post. I helped and in between some amazing math he was figurin,' he would say things like, "Here's about where the fireplace will be." or "Here is the entrance to the garage, right here." I'd run and look at the plans and figure out how big the rooms were going to be and come back and daydream.
Meanwhile the girls were loving throwing mud clods into the humongous hole. Yikes, Clare liked that too much. There is water at the bottom of part of it, so she got a kick out of the splash. After plenty of suggestions for other things to do, they found another hole.. much smaller.. and proceeded with their game. It was much safer and they had a blast.
Watching Brad at work tonight was impressive. His job was complicated by the uneven earth and jagged hole. "Usually we haven't dug the hole when we are staking out the house." But he still made it happen. It looked good to me. :) You should see all the piles of beautiful dirt all over.
What can I say? I'm even excited about the dirt. We've got the vegetable garden started and are working on a flower bed. The lilac flower in the picture is from one of 2 bushes I asked the machine operator to spare, if he could. He did an amazing job.. so close to a tree that had to come down, but they were barely touched. We'll see if it survives the rest of the process.
I'm optimistic that we will all survive this process. Not just survive, but come out on the other side better for it. That is my prayer.. my desperate prayer. The end is a long way off, but we officially have it: PROGRESS.

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