Wednesday, July 22, 2009

House Update I

What happened to the followers? New layout, new problem. I'll figure it out.

So I haven't updated with pics of the basement. Here they are! It was scarier to watch than you might be able to tell from the photos. There are no pictures of the second half, which was much more dangerous looking. It was starting to rain and the guys were moving around on the tops of these forms, but then they were sloshing thru concrete b/c they had filled them up all the way. It was crazy.

Big rig, right? That's a pump truck that sends the concrete out of a hose at the bottom of that long deal.

Calvin is guiding the hose the concrete comes out of, and Brad and Anthony are following behind with a vibrating machine that settles the concrete.

Anyway, these are professionals, right? :) So they were fine and happy with the results. It's backfilled now too and looks even more like the basement of a house. Brad has been working on other things for a bit, but I think soon we will get back to it and progress will continue!

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