Wednesday, March 10, 2010

House Update: Rafters 2

Front of house after 1/3 of the roof has been sheeted. Again, garage on left. Front door there in space on right. The house faces the driveway.
View from the road and entry to drive.

This is the back of the house. The living room is there in the middle, uncovered.. until.....
.... a roof! As you can see, the roof system is complicated on this house. Most days Brad cannot believe he picked out a house that requires so much work of him, but he always says "Well, at least it won't look like anyone else's house around here!" He's such an optimist, you know. ;)


  1. It looks great - it is HUGE! You are totally blessed with a new house! YEAH!

  2. PS: That is me h_borgers because I can't remember my password - I'll figure it out someday, but not today. It is too late! Have a great week!


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