Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Kind of List

I love making lists. Love it.

I have lists for what I’m going to do today, groceries we need, what I need for the baby, plans for the house, what I’m thankful for… on and on. Yesterday a new idea occurred to me. I was feeling tired and unmotivated and I knew I wasn’t going to be crossing much off my list. So I decided to record what I did, instead.

My list of where my day went, was a good one. At first I was writing down times, but that was not that fun. How long did that take? Ok, so after a bit of the time stuff, I got rid of that and just listed events chronlogically. Anyway, here’s part of it..

  • Clare gets up
  • make her breakfast
  • try to go back to sleep – no luck – worrying
  • make me breakfast
  • eat while doing dev
  • write in journal about worrying

Normally I wouldn’t think this sort of thing list-worthy. But reading thru it was interesting. Oh, so that’s what I did all morning.

I enjoyed another part of my list:

  • played game with Clare
  • chatted on phone with a friend
  • refereed a fight between the girls
  • comforted an apologetic Clare

This kind of stuff takes time. And I know that, and I haven’t been wondering where all my time goes. But it’s still a nice reminder to see what I’m doing here with them. J And in light of trying to stay thankful this week, it fit right in. Looking at this list as the day went on, was encouraging and inspiring. I actually got a lot done in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I’m going to tackle the basement. I’m sure I will have plenty of interruptions. Maybe keeping track of them will help remind me what my job really is.

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  1. Wow, what an idea! Those things do take time but they mean so much!


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