Monday, August 16, 2010

An Actual House Update

When I was in junior high, we had a scary/fabulous teacher – Mrs. Cluver. She had a lot of personality and was, what we thought, very demanding of us. Her expectations were always high and she was serious as a heart-attack, most of the time. When we would ask her “How long does this writing assignment need to be?” in our whiney little junior high voices, her response was always the same: “As long as it takes.”

You can bet, as I learned the arts of teaching and writing, my response to that same question echoed hers. My students were always wanting to know an easy formula for their project. And I was very motivated to teach them – there isn’t one. I loved teaching writing (not grading it J), because it reveals so much about us when we write about something important to us. And it’s the process that really matters – not nearly as vital as the final product when we are talking about a young writer... learning.

Like my students, I have wanted a simple answer to a straightforward question: When will it be done? And like my students, I get the annoying answer: When it’s done.

It’s taken me awhile – a long while – to adjust to this truth. I think I am getting closer. Recently when people have asked about the house, that is what I tell them. And I truly know it. I have no idea, and I realize now – Brad doesn’t really know either. How could he? Who builds a house in their spare time? So he is doing the best he can, without sacrificing watching his children grow up. He works late, but not all night. He comes home to eat and plays with the girls a bit, and we even went away this weekend and I think there wasn’t too much guilt about not working on the house. We needed time together as a family, especially before the baby arrives.

So the real update on the house is: It will be done when it’s done. The project at hand is building a porch. We are working on the last of the decision making as far as this aspect goes, and I’m excited. Having a porch will be very cool, and it means the roofing can be done. It also means a much easier time getting into and out of the house instead of the crazy climbing that is required right now.

There is lots more to do after that. When those things are in sight, I will share. For now, I will do my porch-floor research and be happy with that. Besides, at almost 9 months pregnant, I have enough house decisions on my plate right now. Like, where is this kid going to sleep? J


  1. Ahh, very similar to the long car rides full of "are we there yet?!" which is almost equally as frustrating. We'll get there when we get there! And don't worry about baby boy, he can sleep in the closet and a year from now he won't know the difference ;)
    love ya hun, great post!
    JD in GC

  2. I love that you have finally come to terms with this! I know it is hard and of course I will be here when you regress and need to vent. For now, though, I am extremely happy for you!

  3. I really loved your blog. It appears that you have put a lot more work into it. I will keep your blog in my twitter so I can come back and see it again when it has some new information.Thanks a lot!


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