Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family of 5

I should be sleeping.

But I miss writing. I've been waiting for my brain to balance out a little, but I'm starting to wonder how long that might take. J Life is quite different now than it was 10 days ago, and someone reminded me the other day that "getting back to normal" isn't really even a possibility.

We have a new "normal" now, and I'm thanking Jesus everyday for it. Last week's doctor visit turned into a plan to induce labor later that day, and Thursday morning Edwin David made his big debut! Induction was not something I was willing to consider without a really good reason. I had been hoping for my baby boy to be the one to decide when the time was right. But my doctor was concerned about the baby's position and felt that induction held the least risk. And as my doula pointed out, “the goal is healthy baby; and that’s all that really matters.”

So we found ourselves at the hospital, and though I was worried it would take days – it did not. Edwin was born at 8:01 a.m., in the capable hands of - no, not my doctor – but my nurses. J One of the nurses just happens to be one of my favorite people in the world, a good friend I’ve had forever – and I love that she was there to reassure me and take care of my baby boy.

Brad and I have enjoyed getting to know our boy and are marveling over his existence. He is like his sisters, he isn’t; he looks like his dad, he’s a good mix of all of us; he isn’t overly demanding, he sleeps a lot, he eats great; he’s beautiful and fascinating and ours.

The girls are in love with him too and if I can get Clare to stop squeezing his head, I’ll be thrilled with their relationship to him. As I say, my brain is still trying figure out our lives these days, but I can’t complain and I’m hoping the hormones will not completely destroy my sense of reality (as they sometimes do).

As I say, hoping I can start writing again soon. Writing that makes sense. And has a point. I’m sure my baby will be teaching me all kinds of things about myself and the world that I will feel compelled to share. And we need to talk about sharing sometime soon. Because I think there needs to be more sharing going on. But that’s for another post.

I’d better go to bed. J


  1. He is so great! Enjoy these moments (hormones and all), but do write down as much as you can! I find it so hard to remember back to the first few months, and am glad I blogged what I did (wish I did more!) I can't wait to you guys again!


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