Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goals - and a Prayer - for my Kids

This weekend my sister-in-law and I had a discussion about what is expected of Godparents. I’m sure it varies from family to family. I wish I could find something meaningful to give to my children’s godparents as a thank you for their role in my children’s lives. Personally, my kids’ Godparents are not necessarily the ones that will take them in should something happen to me and my husband. Our children’s Godparents are their aunts and uncles who we know will love and pray for them and encourage them spiritually, academically, and in whatever other endeavors their futures hold.

A few years ago, a friend of mine showed me a list of verses one could use to pray for children. It was a nice guide; a list of scriptures that reflected various attributes we hope our children will acquire. After Clare was born, I started thinking more about what exactly it is that I hope for my children and made a list of goals that I probably have for my kids. It was a neat exercise (probably something I picked up at Hearts-at-Home) – to be honest with myself about what I want for my children. Making the list is an opportunity to check out how realistic and fair I am being. After looking thru my list, there were a few “goals” that I thought I might want to think twice about. I realize that I hope my girls get married and have families of their own. This may not be God’s will for them, and while that would be an incredible blessing, maybe it isn’t something I should focus on. I found the list this morning and enjoyed reading through it. Here are some of the other “goals” I have for my kids:

  • to value education, books, and words
  • to respect other people – different or the same as them
  • to be compassionate, helpful, sincere, and loving
  • to be honest with themselves and others
  • to be forgiving and to be able to forgive themselves
  • to find joy in their talents
  • to be active in their school and community
  • to be thoughtful voters
  • to gather at the holidays
  • to stand firm in their faith in Christ
  • to believe, profoundly, in Jesus’ saving grace
  • to be gracious
  • to think before they speak
  • to say what needs to be said
  • to be healthy

This is an incomplete list, but you get the idea. Consider making your own. It would be interesting to make one for ourselves too, right? So we can see how unrealistic we are? :)

Anyway, this eventually led me to a few verses written by Paul for the Colossians, which helped me to see what I wanted to pray for my kids, Godchildren, and whoever else I might be thinking of. I have just recently re-discovered this prayer, and I hope to keep it handy. Thinking about posting it on the bathroom mirror so I can say it while I brush my teeth. Here it is with my son's name.

Lord, thank you for this child.

I lift up my son, Lord, and ask that you fill Edwin with the knowledge of Your will for him.

I pray that he may live a life worthy of you, Lord, pleasing in your sight.

That he may bear fruit, with every good work;

that he will grow in the knowledge of You;

and that he will be strengthened in you, so that he may have endurance and patience,

and joyfully give thanks to You.

May he somehow understand that he is holy

and dearly loved by you.

Give Edwin compassion,




and love for his neighbor and his Savior.

Help him to be forgiving.

Lord, give Edwin faith that brings peace in any trouble.


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