Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life Now

Long time since I posted any pictures of the house. These are certainly worthy. :) (See the house back there behind Edwin?)

The front door is in! I love it. That is one thing that is clearly new. Lots of things have been happening with the house, but they don't make exciting pictures. Plumbing and electrical are in. And there were a few more framing things Brad has been working on, but stuff you have to look hard to see. Inspector came thru and gave us the go-ahead, so we can move on to the next phase!

I've had some people ask for new pictures, and I guess I could take some more. Not sure what it is that's keeping me so busy these days... ? ;) just kidding. No, really, though it would be fun to go take some more pics. I should because soon we will be getting insulation and drywall and then things will look really different!!! We are at a turning point. Garage floor went in last weekend, insulation and drywall coming in soon and things will be changing! Not getting ahead of myself looking at moving dates, though. Still a lot of work to do and Brad still has a very full-time job.

Meanwhile, I'm just trying to take care of the house and life we have now. Lots to do - laundry, dishes, groceries, school trips, etc... It's very rewarding, but I have not had the time I wish I had to write. So that is suffering. But my kids are not. When we're home, we've found a couple of no-tv nights. The girls have been getting along pretty well overall, and they both want to do what they can to help out with baby brother. Sophie got new glasses and is persevering thru the parts of school she struggles with. She also continues to thrive at the parts she is fabulous at - namely math and handwriting and art. Clare's 4th birthday is quickly approaching and her wishlist is a mile long. :) And Edwin is generally happy.. especially when I am holding him or Sophie is in the room.

Trying to sort thru priorities lately has been a challenge. For a while there I was writing a lot, but the house and organized life were crumbling around me. Something always has to give. But this is a phase in my life - mother of small children - that will not last that long. So I want to give it as much attention as I can. Today I sat in an armchair feeding my baby boy a bottle. The house was quiet (girls were at school) and I rested my chin on his soft head. I took a deep breath and soaked it up. I looked down at him and rested my cheek on his fine hair. He looked up at me and smiled a little. He likes it when you snuggle. It's different the third time around. I know how quickly this changes. I know better than to wish away any moments. I know I can't get this back. Life marches on dutifully.

Been reading The Spirituality of the Cross and in it there is a part about the daily life of a Christian. It's these mundane moments, these uneventful minutes where we learn about the grace of God and the love of our Maker. I pray that you have a few minutes to soak it up this week. Enjoy your mundane moments. Give your daily frustrations to the Lord. Such is life.

Baby crying.. gotta go. :)

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