Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Reality Can Change Someone Else's

Over the past few years my brothers have become increasingly aware of the needs of children all over the world.  Both of them now work with organizations raising money to clothe, feed, and nurture children in both the United States and across seas.  As they have become more passionate about these causes, this compassion has spilled over to their family and friends.  Last year when Joseph decided to run his second marathon with Team World Vision, our family made the move to sponsor a Hope Child.

This was something I had been wanting to do for years.  I had always been hesitant about sending my money off to who-knows-where, but I knew that it could do some good.  After realizing the history and reputation that World Vision has (they were the first to create child sponsorships years ago), I felt comfortable – and actually excited – about getting involved.  My reality is so far from the world of these people who daily struggle to survive in a community with hardships I can't even imagine.  But my reality, my blessings, can change the lives of these children.  These communities have a lot of potential, but a lot of suffering. 

Certainly there were times in our life when we simply could not even think about being able to afford this privilege.  And although we run a tight ship these days with the new house and me staying at home with the kids, I faced the fact that $35 just isn’t that much money to part with each month.  Especially when I know how much good it can do someone.  World Vision makes it very easy to make this a reality in your home.  They send you information about your child and easy access to communicate with her and her family.  They are helpful and kind and patient with us.  :) 

This year my brothers have decided to go to Uganda to run a marathon.  I know, it sounds  a little crazy.  :)  But it isn’t crazy if their team can find sponsors for 350 children who need support.  There are 7 people on their team and they are sacrificing and training in a driven effort to expand awareness of what we can do to help communities in Africa.  You can find out more about their team and how this works.  One click, check it out, and open up yourself to the possibilities of what your $35 could do for a community who needs clean water, health care, and education.  If you would like more information, find out more about Team World Vision with this link.  Please pray about making this a reality for you and your family. 

I have a few Child Sponsorship folders that include a picture and information about specific children.  If you would like to look thru those and see if one would be a good fit for your family, let me know.  I’m carrying them around with me these days.  If you’d rather look thru some bios online, you can click here and see specific children who need a sponsor.  If you have any questions or would like to talk about the idea or the process, let me know.  I'm stretching myself out of my comfort level a little here :), but chatting about these kids and this incredible opportunity is something I'm happy to do. 
Thanks for taking the time to consider this.  


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