Monday, February 20, 2012


I really wish I managed to get on here and write more!  I cannot get over how busy these kids keep me.  Especially Edwin – almost 18 months and he is into EVERYTHING.  The moment I typed those words, he started crying (it’s 11:30 at night).  For goodness sakes, he’s a mama’s boy. 

Clare continues to grow in drama and creativity.  She soaks everything up, and comments on it honestly and with a flare that is all Clare.  She picks up on things so into depth. 
After Aunt Colleen died she asked a lot of questions about it.  For days she would ask me to tell her again about how it happened.  The other day she said, “I wish we could just have one more day with Aunt Colleen, Mom.”  I know, babe.  Me too. 

Sophia is doing so well in school these days, it’s about ridiculous!  She started out in a rough place, but has continued to improve and gain a much needed confidence.  Her teacher, Mrs. Talbert, is amazing and has been super encouraging, but also has high expectations for her.  She has really gained ground in writing, which I did not see coming.  Her ability to organize her thoughts before she starts is uncanny.  She gets that from her dad, not from me. 

We have settled into the house and, of course, we love it.  Sophie and I are looking forward to gardening and I can’t wait to see some grass growing.  With the weather being so mild, our thoughts have been leaning in that direction.  Hopefully we will see siding go up when spring arrives too!

I’m trying to make a go of Pampered Chef so that I can continue to stay home and manage things here and be available for the kids.  It’s been a challenge to figure out how to manage time for the kids, the house, AND a business.  There is always so much to do here.  We have had things at the other house still and as we bring them home we realize we have a lot of organizing to do in the basement.  Yikes.  But I’m excited about all the possibilities that exist with my home-business and I really enjoy it. 

Brad has been working to improve his garage and organize.  While he worked on the house his garage got the shaft.  So now he has made time to insulate, put up cabinets, and just go through the mess that has been building for the last few years.  I’m excited for him as he now has room to work on his car and find the things he needs when we get out the Honey-Do list.  J

God is teaching us a lot about priorities these days.  Maybe that is one reason I haven’t been blogging as much.  As much as I love to write, I have had to make choices about what I can do with my time.  (Part of the problem this past month is that I’ve had this awful cold and it really has put a damper on my brain function!)  I’m hoping as I learn to manage a daily schedule better, that I will be able to make writing a regular practice.  It’s good for my mind and my stress level.  And I know that reflecting is a valuable tool.  God has made that very clear lately. 

Recently, a Bible verse kept reemerging in life, and so I thought I should give it a second look. 

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Matthew 6:21

Brad and I have been forced to stop and consider where our treasure is.  Is it the house?  Is it in our bank account?  Is it in the garage?  Is it our children?  Is it in our marriage?  The most important things in our lives – God, our children marriage, our children – all need to be given a certain place and time in our daily lives.  When that does not happen, the other things at the top of the list suffer too.  It’s so hard.  But we have been forced to reflect and think about where our hearts are at.  And I’m thankful for that.  Blogging or no blogging.  Money or no money.  Annoying cold or not.  We have treasures and they need to be managed properly.  This may be the life lesson we all have to figure out.  

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