Monday, April 9, 2012

Bogged Down

We sure can get bogged down easily, can’t we?  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.  My house is such a mess today, but I really want to spend time with my kids.  But I also have some work that HAS to get done.  Yet, I feel so pulled to get back into the habit of blogging.  Ahhhh!

I am in awe of those who have time management all figured out.  I need to take a class.  I think the rules are somewhat different for moms with 18 month old sons, but I know you are out there getting’ er done with small ones in tow.  But do you get it all done? 
I mean, the house, the kitchen, the fun time with kids, the hobbies, the bill paying, AND any actual work that you’d like to do?  It’s hard for me to prioritize.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to zoom in on the real important stuff.  I felt like my oldest was having this problem this weekend.  We were discussing Christ’ death on the cross.. and why it is necessary.  We were sharing information and understanding and it was going pretty good.. until we went further into the part about why we need saved.  Understandably, she thinks that our good deeds should count for something.  She understands that they are not enough, but still feels that surely God would want to reward us for them.  Too much focus on us and our “good” deeds, not enough focus on God’s perfection and undeserving mercy on us.

I get it.  That’s a tough one.  Especially for an oldest.  I’m there.  Always thinking I can earn approval, make it happen on my own abilities.  I used to think that I needed to get myself ready before I could come to God and have a relationship with him.  So glad I grew out of that and learned that God is the only one that can change me for the better.

Yesterday the Holy Spirit was giving me a message loud and clear.  Stop worrying about all this other stuff, and LIVE with joy.  LIVE your day as a saved and redeemed child of God, not one weighed down with the baggage and debt of sin.  You are free to do the jobs that God has called you to do!  We have an important role here.  It isn’t just about how I’m not good enough.  It STARTS with the empty tomb – it doesn’t end there.  After figuring out we need saving, it’s all about living the life God has in store for us. 

I know I’ve said all this before.  I know I have to relearn this like everyday.  A few years ago at Hearts-at-Home the speaker said, “It’s a life of daily surrender.”  Surrendering my ideas about life and exchanging them for the much better Truth that God offers me. 

Happy Easter.

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