Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Me, the Blog, Getting it Right... It's All A Work in Progress

I like the idea of us being encouraging to one another.  I like sharing and I love community.  If anything, I have tried to be an advocate for community on this blog.  

Recently I thought I needed my blog to have more of a specialization - a mission.  I do want to encourage people to build each other up - especially the members of their family.

But this past week as I’ve tried to write posts that give ideas and suggestions for creating a more affirmative atmosphere in a home... I’ve felt like an imposter.  There are some ideas, some strategies, that I can offer and that I have implemented at our house.  But - NEWSFLASH - I am not a parenting expert; I am not a sociologist.  My kids seem to be pretty alright, but let's give it a few more years.

My strength lies more in sharing my observations of reality.  I like to identify the differences between what we think and what is Truth.  People have found value in this.

It was silly of me to try to change this when I have a good thing going.  I got ahead of myself and tried to be something I’m not.  I still want to share ideas - my own and others’ - about being an affirmative force in our families.  But I really want to go back to my what I continue to know so well as a parent and, well, as a human - We are all a work in progress.  In a million ways, with so many facets of learning and knowing and failing and succeeding - we are being molded and changed and formed into the person we have the potential to be.  

Change can be good, but in this case I’m going back.  Don’t try to fix something if it’s not broken.  Hey, there’s some free advice for you.  I’m going to run with it.  :)

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