Monday, December 31, 2012

For You

Found this as I was going through some files tonight.  I wrote it in the spring a few years back, but the idea is just as relevant now as it was then.  Maybe take it with you into the new year. 

For You

On my way to your house tonight
I looked up and saw a rainbow
the colors were
And suddenly I realized there were two.
The sky was a mess of light and dark
of storm and sun
of big billowy dark clouds and these streaming colors
taking my breath away.

I wanted everyone to see it
and I immediately started thinking about who I could tell.
But it was gone quickly as I drove into the rain,
and realized only a few
would see the rainbow
that showed itself to me.


On the way home tonight
I thought about the brief moment of brilliance that shone before me
and realized it hadn’t reminded me of promises,
of power, or trust.
I was too busy to give it the moment it deserved
the moment I deserved
to enjoy the message it could have sent.

I should have soaked it all in.
I should have rested in that moment and
let it be about me..
getting it.

As moms our lives are so much about other people.
So much about the guilt or the list or the needs
of other people:
our children, our husbands,
even our friends.

“Even Jesus needed a break,” you said with a sigh.
He took time to go away by himself
to be filled up
to be revived.

You need that.
We all do.
And when our lives are too much
to think about all at once,
but that doesn’t stop the thoughts
from their lengthy attack,

we need to step back,
and take a moment.

“Look, there’s a rainbow.
No!  Listen to me!
Stop and look!  It’s for your own good!
Don’t worry about who else is here.
Don’t worry about what hasn't gotten done.
Don’t worry about your list of projects
or your list of prayers.

For just a minute.
It’s about you,
for a minute
or two.
Now that you mention it,
take as much time as you need.

Soak it up.
Wrap yourself up in it.
It’s God’s promise.

We’ll get through this.

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