Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why My Job Is Similar to A Meditation Retreat


This is the view from where I’ve been spending a lot of time the last few weeks.  It’s quiet.  There are no people.  As I walk into onto the cow lot I can hear geese on the water in the timber.  Last weekend there were a couple of deer hanging out near an alcove in the trees.  No cars.  No whiney children.  Some mooing and the sound of my pitchfork. It begets a lot of time to think and pray.  I love it.


On one hand, lately, I’ve been feeling really isolated.  I mean, when I go to work, there is one other person that I mainly interact with.  When I’m at home working, it’s mostly my kids.  Thankfully I have a church and a great group of friends I can seek out when I get some free time. 

But really the solitude has been amazing.  It has given me opportunity to pray more.  It prompts me to reflect on the life of my dad, who has been doing this work forever.  It’s inspired a handful of writing ideas, and allows me time to roll an idea around in my head for awhile, instead of jotting it down quick and then rushing off to the next thing. 

This job has been a blessing, in more ways than one.  I think my brain is really enjoying it.  And knowing that many people have far fewer quiet moments of reflection, it moves me to want to share my moments even more.

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