Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Attention Personality Type B

Is it just me, or do we tend to believe (unconsciously maybe) that things should and will just fall into place?  Not to say we don’t worry.  We worry.  But sometimes we hope that, despite our lack of planning or following thru etc, things will work themselves out.  And by “things” I especially mean laundry, dishes, and those papers I was suppose to sign and return to my child’s school.

Funny that I just expect things to work out.  Sounds ridiculous.  But I do!  

There are so many decisions that should be made more consciously than how I usually make them!  I walk around the house too often with my phone in my hand, a texting conversation or two in play, as I bathe the children and attempt to put clothes away.  It’s really not very efficient.

For those of us who tend to be less A and more B personality, being aware of some of the little details takes way more effort than I realized.  I’m a detail person, but I still don’t readily act on the little things that can have such a powerful impact on my big picture.  Things like
  • drinking the daily recommended amount of water
  • paying bills ON TIME, EVERY MONTH
  • keeping the closet organized so my family can find what they are looking for.

Yes, clearly these are very useful, valuable, time-worthy pursuits.
That I just don’t prioritize.

Maybe it’s because I’m thinking more about
  • the latest book I want to read
  • a “great” idea I have for a blog post/devotion/book
  • how I can convince my husband that we need another weekend away.

These are fun things and no one is going to tell me they aren’t useful or valuable.

But they don’t get the laundry done.

Which brings us to this moment.
My son is taking a bath.  He’s got a great imagination and could spend all day in here.  I brought the laundry and my spiral with me into the bathroom to keep an eye on him and still be productive.  

But the clothes still aren’t folded and his face is still dirty (despite all the splashing he’s done).  Glad I squeezed in some time to write and process.  I’m going to make a conscious decision to stop writing and start folding now.  

But I’m also going to make a conscious decision to appreciate my tendencies, even though my house is still a mess.  Surely something good will come of these habits eventually.  Even if it’s just that my kids appreciate a good book.  :)

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