Sunday, August 11, 2013

Prayer: Whether You Like It Or Not

I could feel their prayers.  In my chest.  In my heart and my soul and my strength.  It filled me up.  

I was surprised. 

I shouldn’t have been.  I’ve been a believer in the power of prayer for a long time.  An advocate, a pray-er, one who seeks to seek Him.  

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But there is a difference between believing and feeling.  There is a difference in being on the sending end and being on the receiving end. 

I was receiving. 

We had been under a lot of stress.  People knew that it was a moment that could pull people apart, or bring people together.  So they were praying.  And we could tell.  We saw the power of the Holy Spirit work in people at that meeting.  We could feel the movement of the angels and the defeat of Fear.  It was powerful. 

So when I felt the ground slipping out from under me a few weeks later, I knew I had to ask.  

It didn’t matter that I was vulnerable.  It didn’t matter that I was hurting.  
I would be directly disobeying my Savior if I didn’t ask.  I had been moved too much then, to ignore it now. 
So I asked. 

And the friends I asked were more than willing.  They were ready with loving words, a hand if I wanted it, and a quiet prayer when I couldn’t look them in the eye.  

They were ready. 

Somedays we feel like we aren’t ready for that job.  
“That’s not really my gift, Lord.  I’m more of the speaking type.  I’m more of the take-a-meal type.  Prayer isn’t really my strength.”

But then our friends need us.  And we have no choice but to step up, because love draws us in.  Love moves our hearts to pray.  Love yearns for answers for the people we care for so deeply.  Love begs for solutions and healing.  And as the crisis passes, we find ourselves better.  Better off for having been on our knees for someone else.  Better at asking.  Better at listening.  Better off.

O Lord, I call upon you; hasten to me!
Give ear to my voice when I call to you!
Let my prayer be counted as incense before you,
and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice!  
Psalm 141:1-2

Today before we left, my friend said, matter of fact, “We’re going to pray now.”  It caught me off guard.  I knew we had covered some deep stuff, but... I just didn’t expect it.  So we did.  The prayer covered us with the love of friends who speak honestly to God about frustration and need.  Who pray desperately for answers for ourselves and those who are hurting.  She prayed over us with the loving words of a sister-in-Christ.  And when she prayed for God’s arms to wrap around us, we could feel the arms of each other holding us close.   

Has the act of praying for someone else, been a blessing to you?
How do we become more persistent pray-ers?


  1. This is such an inspiring post. I am thankful for prayer when we need it or not! Prayer changes things. Thank you for sharing your powerful words!

  2. So true! Prayer does change things. It's incredible.


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