Friday, May 9, 2014

Feel Like You're Sacrificing for Your Kids?

I’m glad to be of use.  I am.  The Bible says, “work for man AS IF you’re working for God.”  That’s good advice.  It is. 

But some days that barely cuts it.  

I work as a farmhand for my dad.  It’s a good job, in that it’s exactly the flexibility I need and he pays a fair wage.  It keeps me active and gets me out of the house.  The list of “pros” is long enough. 

But today, part of my job is scraping dried manure off the (gas, clutch, and brake) pedals of the loader tractor.  (Sigh)  Nothing like removing dried manure to keep one humble.  

Can’t I just go write some books?

Don’t try to talk me into loving this job.  I know it’s good.  Somedays I’d just like someone to know: I have other things to offer.  I’m a writer and a thinker and I have good ideas!  I just can’t chase all of that this minute. 

Feel like you’re sacrificing a lot for your kids?  I hear ya. 

I’m not complaining with the intention of changing things.  I’m just pointing out that a lot of us do things during our time as parents, that is a pretty clear sacrifice for something else we’d rather be doing.  I’m not here to nominate anyone for sainthood, either.  We are in this together.  

I just think it’s worth noting: We sacrifice for our children.  

We choose a job that has good hours and benefits, but isn’t really our dream career.  We move to a neighborhood that puts us in a good school district, but a smaller house than we’d prefer.  We put the career on hold, or buy a minivan instead of the slick hybrid, or finish the basement so they have a place to put all their stuff.  Or maybe we find a second job to pay for the private school - or just the bills.  Or head back to work sooner than we wanted because otherwise we can’t afford the health insurance the family needs. 

These are “first-world problems,” as they say.  We are privileged to do these things, to make these choices.  A lot of these things only occasionally annoy us.  In fact, you might even find out you love the awesomeness of your minivan.  

But I just would like to take a moment to say that on the more frustrating days, when you are grumpy about some of the choices you feel like you “have” to make: You are not alone.  If you feel like you are sacrificing for your family, you probably are.  

Way to go! Because that’s your job as a parent.

What have you sacrificed for your kiddos?

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