Friday, June 13, 2014

5 Reasons Summer Break Might Not Destroy Me

My kids are 10, 7, and 3. They fight regularly hourly. Despite the creativity they come by genetically, they still claim boredom at least 73 times a day. 

But considering other summers I've lived through with them, so far-so good. 

Here's what's good for us this year: 

1. So far It's not 1,000 degrees outside.

2. We have new baby kittens. If you want to keep your children occupied for a few hours, get some baby kittens. Those poor animals might be suffering, but I'm getting a lot done.

3. Everyone is older than 2. Praise the Lord, I made it here. Eddie's fierce independence can be manipulated by the rest of us for our benefit. "You aren't big enough to put your own shoes on, are you?!! No way!" He's still super-whiny, but also doing his own thing a lot of the time. 5000 points for me.

4. The 10-year-old has the other two wrapped around her finger when she comes up with a new plan. Will they follow her to the ends of the earth? No. Will she keep their attention when she shows up with 10 yards of fencing and a bucket of pine-cones? Yep.

5. I will go to work tomorrow.
As much as I'd love to not go to work, it definitely breaks up the monotony of summer break. Tomorrow they go to grandma's summer camp (aka the Wagner farm) and when they return to another day at home, they will have to spend at least an hour checking on those kittens.

So far, so good. 

Got anything that's making your summer awesome?

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