Thursday, June 5, 2014

God Has Jealousy Issues

This morning God and I talked about our jealousy issues. 
How we both have them. 

"The Lord is a jealous and avenging God." Nahum 1:2

Obviously His jealousy is justified and most of the time mine isn't. 

But He reminded me of how amazing it feels when I make a connection with a sister or brother in Christ, and He made it clear that He loves those moments. 
He's included in those moments. 
And He yearns for them like I do. 

Which is why He gets jealous and annoyed when I go off looking for satisfaction in other things.

Well, that makes perfect sense, Father! - is what I said. I love that rush and that's why I love speaking. Making connections with women about God's Truth? Best thing ever. I think I'll keep pursuing that. 

I feel like He smiled then. 

Courtesy the refreshment and inspiration I'm swimming in at Write To Publish Conference in Wheaton, IL.  

So grateful to be here.  

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