Monday, August 4, 2014

Sundays Could Be Less Busy

Ahhh, another busy Sunday in the books. 
Hmmm those words don't sound like they go together. 
Busy - Sunday?  
But I know you can relate. As this busy Sunday came to a close, I found myself wondering why we have to cram so much into Sundays. Sometimes they are great.  But sometimes I wake up on Monday and I’m trying to figure out where the resting part ran off to.

Why are we all so busy these days?!

Here's what we really SHOULD all be doing on Sundays. 

Is part of it that we are impatient? We want it to happen NOW and so we add another trip or event to the schedule. 

Is it because we just have access to more people and more travel arrangements these days? Since people know we "can," an expectations arises that we "should." 

Maybe it's our desire for the rest of the world to see how great things are going for us. We'd better make an appearance at X, Y, and Z because we wouldn't want them to think.... 

I really believe it often has something to do with boundaries. A good friend and I have been wrestling with boundaries on all sorts of levels lately. Discussing boundaries as they pertain to 
kid's schedules, and 
our own appointment calendar
We've been encouraging each other to make choices that result in less busy-time and more days at home. We've been consciously considering who we want to be vulnerable with and how we can interact with people in positive, non-stressful ways

This boundary-making is probably easier during some life seasons than others. It might be harder because of the kind of extended family you have. Obviously financial circumstances can affect the kinds of choices we have to make too. 

I'm learning a lot about this and I haven't gotten it all figured out. Of course some days are crazy busy and I still share things with people and immediately regret opening my big mouth. But I challenge you to join me - and keep me accountable - asking these questions: 
  • Is this the best thing for my family? 
  • Is this good for my emotional well-being? 
  • Can I afford this? 

One last thing. I'm guilty of looking around and quickly pointing out all the people whose priorities are clearly out of whack! What is she doing? Yikes! She should be _________!

Stop. I need to stop. You need to stop. 

This is one area where we can for sure take that energy and direct it towards what WE need to do for OURSELVES. Other people have to make their own decisions. Be a good example by establishing boundaries for yourself and encouraging your friends when they ask. Let's try to avoid getting so distracted assessing everyone else's calendars, when our own use of time takes up plenty of brain cells on it's own. 

Had to make any hard choices lately for the sake of your sanity?

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