Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why You Love/Hate Being A Grown-Up

Being a grown-up means complaining about washing the dishes, but washing them anyway.
It means you walk past the laundry basket 13 times, but eventually you fold them.
It means sometimes you can't understand your spouse, but you don't make snide comments about them on Facebook.
It means you get your feelings hurt, and you get over it.
It means you wish you didn't have bills to pay, but you pay them anyway. 
It means life doesn't always look the way you want it to, but you get out of bed just the same.
Being a grown-up means when you realize you have a problem, you find help.

Being a grown-up means you can pursue what you love.
It means making decisions that matter.
It means choosing hard changes, and celebrating when it was totally worth it.
It means loving when you don't want to, laughing through the tears, and facing reality.
It means some days we have cereal for lunch, and ice cream for dinner. (But only every once in a while.)
It means we recognize our screw-ups, and forgive ourselves.
It means we keep trying, knowing every day is a new start.
Being a grown-up means deciding to love who you are, and seek out who you want to be.

Be a grown-up.

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