Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Girls, Glitter, Glue

I checked in with Brad when we decided we should stop for supper. Josie and I were enjoying a day of Christmas shopping – without the girls – and we were taking a short break.

“I’m sorry that I’m not going to be home earlier, but we’re getting so much done. I hope things are going well.”
“Yea, they’re fine. I’m making some dinner, since it’s about that time.”
“Well, at least they don’t need baths tonight,” I offered. “That should make it easier.”
We discussed a few more details of their evening before we got off the phone.

Josie and I had barely sat down at a table when he called back.
“The girls are taking a bath.”
“What? Oh, did they decide they wanted one?” It wasn’t really a question. This turn of events would not have surprised me.
“Clare did. She found the glue bottle.” A few moments of laundry-moving and hamburger-flipping, and she’d opened the bottle, lathered her hands in it, and “globbed it all over her face. She looked at her hands like, ‘what in the world?’ It was on the floor… all over.” He paused, probably marveling at Clare as she grinned back at his story. “I thought you could use a laugh.”

Oh yea, I was laughing. I hoped he was too.

“That’s hilarious. Did you take a picture?” He ignored my comment. “You should have thrown glitter on her and taken a picture!!” Still ignored.
“Usually you can’t even get a glue bottle open! I mean, what… how does she?...” he trailed off in amazement and wonder of his child’s dexterity, as any proud father would in this situation. I could hear Sophia laughing in the background.

I don’t remember Sophia getting into as much as Clare. Clare’s favorite activities include dumping buckets, emptying drawers, or cleaning out boxes. She’ll stack and climb to get to what she’s looking for, and smile a devilish grin when she gets caught. Her favorite mess to make involves chapstick which she feels compelled to eat. Sophia use to love chapstick, but even at a really young age she would daintily apply it to her face. Sure sometimes it landed on more than her lips, but it wasn’t the sticky disaster Clare loves to make. It’s no wonder Clare’s favorite toy is Silly Putty.

Our sticky disaster came clean, of course, and the rest of the evening when fine. While Josie and I were at the store we picked up some more glue.


  1. How funny. Good luck with the house, after all a house isn't a home. Home is your family wherever you are. Clare seems to be like her daddy.

  2. So funny! I can't wait to read your blog...all the time. I'm a bit of a blog junkie in case you didn't know. My friend Amanda has onecarbonhill.blogspot
    I check it daily, and if she hasn't posted that day, I secretly get annoyed...j/k
    Natalie loves chapstick too, and has a hard time finding her lips.
    love ya!
    JD in G.C.

  3. Glitter or no glitter, your girls sparkle! Thanks for sharing.


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