Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So you know we have a house plan, er.. uh, plans. Well, you know we want to prepare a house for our family to live in sometime within the next year. So this blog seemed like a good way to share the ups and downs of this process with our friends and families, if you're ever curious.

But like today, I don't really feel like talking much about the house. Things aren't looking good for the house getting started within the month, especially since my husband is acting fluish. (yick) If the foundation isn't started soon (looking unlikely) we will have to wait till after February probably for the officially beginning. More on this later. The point is that, meanwhile, my kids are cracking me up. And, again, for friends and family who need a laugh or are curious, I'm going to use this medium to share these kinds of things as well. After all, building a home involves much more than lumber and roofing. (Although, that will be helpful eventually. :)

For now, I am thankful to have the warm and safe home we are living in now. I'm thankful for the provisions we have to pay the bills and feed our family and even think about the possibility of a new home. And if you're interested in the stars of this show, check us out. I will hopefully figure out how to post pics here pretty soon also. I've got some good ones.

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