Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lately I have felt unfocused. It’s been difficult to blog or pray. I feel like this happens frequently. Maybe it’s just the way I am.

Things have been good though. I’m not depressed. The house is seeing some progress and my attempt at a vegetable garden is planted. Brad has helped me with some of the heavy lifting required for a flower bed I’m excited about - Sophie is too. I’m working on cards and invites for my new little business venture - Pages By Angie - and I’m getting some good girlfriend time in.

But I feel like I’m not using my time wisely and I can’t quite put my finger on the issue. I journaled about it last night and had this realization:
‘Tonight laying down with Sophie and reading and giggling was nice. I need to take inventory again – get things realigned. What am I here for?’

That led to this: a List of Priorities and a new attempt at a Mission Statement to keep my focused on what’s important -

JESUS. Change me. Help me to Love.

HUSBAND. A marriage that focuses on raising a family who loves God and others. A marriage that Trusts and functions on communicating our needs and dreams to one another. A marriage that makes a point of staying on a common path looking in the same direction.

CHILDREN. Raising kids who are Responsible Citizens in a family of Trust, Love, and Acceptance. Raising kids who receive and give Grace and Forgiveness, Compassion and Kindness. Spending time with them to establish relationships of trust but also just to get to know each other.

STEWARDSHIP. Financially being responsible. Paying the bills. Supporting our Church. Taking care of our property. Not spending foolishly and frivolously. Using our Talents to fulfill what God wants of us: Love, Compassion, Grace.

COMMUNITY. Strengthening and being strengthened by our community of believers including family and friends, but also including neighbors and strangers. Lifting others up, not putting them down. Encouraging, not judging. Celebrating, not resenting. Forgiving; not carrying a grudge. Being Gracious; not complaining.

Daily I need to align my schedule with these principles. If I start at the top I have a feeling my days will be more joyful and more productive.

I feel better already. :)

This is a rough draft. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. It is hard to balance everything in life. But from what I can tell and what you wrote, you are on the right track. What is most important: God, Marriage, Parenting. God understands when we lose focus and somehow he gets us back on track. I think having a mission statment is awesome. I may try to do the same.

    I love you

  2. I love you too. Thanks for the comments! I'm open to suggestions for the marriage part - other specific goals, or better wording for the ones I have. I'm so thankful for second chances!

  3. You may call it a rough draft, but I copied it verbatim in hopes to refocus myself. Thanks.


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