Sunday, June 7, 2009

Building Events

Today we started off our week wandering through the Parade of Homes in Kankakee county. It was a good opportunity to see a variety of kitchens, bedrooms, and materials. It was some nice family time and they even had food at each of the locations so we didn't have to go out to lunch. After we visited a home that had candy for the girls, Clare's first question for the greeters at the next house was "D'you ha any CANY?" She made sure that this was a feature she was aware of at the start of each visit.

It was a nice relaxing (as relaxing as it can be with 2 smaller children) day to the start of what I'm anticipating will be a busy week. The forms are ready for concrete, so early this week we should have the first official construction (verses DEstruction) begin. Very exciting. Forms for the walls will arrive on Thursday and pouring of those should begin by Friday. By the end of next week, we should have basement walls!

Meanwhile, this upcoming weekend is our family couples shower for Joseph and Amanda. I'm happy to say I'm not in charge (Mary is), but my involvement is still relevant and so I'll be preparing for that. Invitations need to be ready, officially, before they arrive so that is the #1 priority this week. But of course we have to have a playdate or two thrown in there and a lot of excitement for the arrival of the uncles and aunts, including the recently-turned-Northerners: Bradley and Beth. We're excited for all of these things and one more - the church picnic is a week from today. We need a real plan (real fast) for our Wagner float. Usually I do okay under pressure. We'll see.

It will be a fun week that involves a lot of people and LOT of creativity. I need to get the kitchen clean if I'm going to be halfway productive or organized, so maybe I should go do that now. Don't be surprised if I don't make much of an appearance on facebook. :)

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