Thursday, June 25, 2009

making sense

Aunt Mary's comment on an older post FOCUS, sent me back there with another look at my mission statement. I've yet to print it out and post it in my kitchen where it needs to go. After reading it over I love it even more than I did the day I wrote it (not surprising) and if we weren't having an earwig infestation in our basement, I'd be down there printing it. (ugh)

Anyway, I'm going to print it. Just tonight I was feeling like it would be nice to sit down and have a conversation with my husband that was about something other than dinner, our children, or bugs. He's been working a LOT and the girls and I have been busy too. After some brief but nice conversation (before he fell asleep in the chair :), I'm reading my statement about what to focus on in my marriage and I think it makes sense on a day like today. If I was feeling a little unfocused about US and looked to my statement, I think I would have some direction. Here's a little irony - one of my motivations (a year ago or so) for writing a mission statement was seeing Kate on "John and Kate" working on one. Ouch. (Obviously it was a rerun.)

The house is good. I need to put some new pics up. Last night Sophie and I went over - at like 7:45 pm - to plant a bunch of flowers that Aunt Kathy shared. It was a race against the sunset that included 2 poddy breaks, 15 plantings, and - between the two of us - at least 18 mosquito bites. It was fun and I'm excited to see how they do. Looked pretty wilty today, but if we get some rain soon hopefully they will do okay.

Adventures like last night with Soph help me to stay focused. Life is good right now, even if I did oversleep thru the start of VBS today (yikes). My mission statement can help me refocus in a particular area if I'm feeling confused, but it occurs to me that it actually can just remind me - on days when I oversleep or don't get any sleep at all - what I'm here for; what's important. Why my life is good right now.

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  1. Love your thoughts Ang. You're in G.C. this weekend?! Call me!!!


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