Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Full Life

Life has been full lately.. tragedy, hope, excitement, love, leaving, starting.. life.
It's hard and it's confusing, and we have such little control, but we pretend like we're in charge. We get frustrated and sad, and then happy and there's some laughter, and then we aren't quite sure what to do with our flawed selves. It's not pretty, and then it is, and then we have a moment where everything is clear - when our baby girl laughs or an old friend calls with a prayer or somebody says what you need to hear. We yearn to hold tightly to these fleeting moments, but we're left with reality and minutes later overwhelmed with a fear or anger or a petty complaint. It's then, when our sinful self is so brazenly staring back at us, that we reach for some hope and some faith, clinging to the only things that are really real in the midst of all the emotions and lies. And someone posts that she "doesn't understand how anybody can survive this world without faith in Jesus..." and we agree and muddle through our day with another prayer and a new sense of connection.

This is a link to a band and a song that I have found comfort and joy in lately.
you're welcome.

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