Friday, August 28, 2009


Bewildered? Dumbfounded? I’m sure these emotions were spelled out on my face as I listened to Sophie’s eye exam transpire.

On the way there she had told me about the glasses she would be picking out.

“They’ll be pink and have flowers… like Gracie’s. No wait, maybe they should be purple…” Her voice would trail off as she weighed the elements of this momentous decision.

“Sophie,” I said as we sped down the interstate on our way to the appointment, “you probably won’t need glasses, honey. I’m pretty sure you won’t.”

“Well, if I do, they will have a little flower over here on this part…”

I thought she was the one oblivious to reality, but it was me.

So here she is with her specs. Maybe we’ll have less headaches and tired eyes. So glad there’s a directive to have parents of kindergarteners to get their sight checked. Who knows how long it would have been before anyone figured it out.

Good thing she arrived having thought through what she wanted. :)

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