Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lovin' It

A friend of mine with a blog (hey girl ;) does a Favorite Friday post on Fridays with her favorite things from the week. I love this idea, and I am now going to steal it, sortof.

Lovin' It
1. Girlfriend time on Thursday afternoon swimming AND Friday night scrapbooking!! Awesome.
2. Getting to spend time with my Dad on Friday (no little girls with us) to find him a suit for the wedding.
3. Haircuts. My own and Sophie's.
4. Sophia plays so good with Clare and her patience is often broader than my own.
5. 3 of the past 4 days Clare has gone poddy on her little poddy by herself (randomly. not really from us sitting her down on it). Yeah! (This could last 4 days and that's it. We'll see.)
6. I got to go to Amanda's super fun bachelorette party this weekend. Love bonding with my new sister!
7. Brad willingly took care of the girls this weekend and took them school shopping today ( I met them there on my way home). He's great.
8. Sophia picked out a Hello Kitty bookbag instead of a Hannah Montana bag! :)
9. Practical Scrappers 2nd Week Challenge of Stickers and this weekend's New Sponsor Challenge - The Crafter's Workshop.
10. Wedding countdown: 5 days!

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  1. I'll echo your YAY for the no Hannah Montana bookbag! My niece is sooooo involved in anything HM that sometimes I wonder what "kid stuff" she is missing out on my idolizing HM at the young age of 5. She can sing every HM song ever recorded but she can't sing Mary Had a Little Lamb?!? As a music teacher it breaks my heart. :(

    Glad to hear that lil miss Sophie is adoring things that are just cute and pink! Being a kid is FUN and no one should miss out on it.


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