Monday, October 19, 2009

A basement floor. MY basement floor!

Look! A floor in my basement! Well, ok, half a floor.
Like Amanda said today, it's nice to celebrate all the little points of progress.. otherwise [you'll] go crazy.

So this is what it looks like when you pour a basement floor (with radiant heat underneath it). Half at a time. They had a little leftover for a stoop at the existing garage walkdoor and half of the footings for the new garage. Very cool.

The next step is to finish some plumbing things in the basement including plumbing for a bathroom down there (someday). That plumbing has to be inspected and approved and then the rest of the floor can be prepped.

Sophia enjoyed watching and asking questions about the process. It was good. Even Clare seemed to be interested.
Mommy was VERY interested and excited about what she saw. And trying to not get ahead of herself in enthusiasm. We have a long way to go.


  1. it looks great! and radiant heat will be so nice on cold toes!

  2. Congrats . . . love the picture of the girls!

  3. It looks absolutely awesome & I am so excited for you! I can't wait to help you paint walls someday soon! You are a good friend! This will be the most beautiful house in Irouqois County!!!


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