Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun with Clare

In case you haven't seen her in action, Clare's favorite thing - for a few months now - has been buttons. Yep, buttons. She has added loose change and stamps to this collection, but the buttons are the key element. It started one day when I was scrapping. She had started a habit of opening small containers of tiny things like brads and eyelets or flowers, and dumping them and moving them from one container to another. The day she found the buttons I was thrilled, because I'd much rather help her pick up buttons than these other tiny things. She piled them into a small purse and off she went.

Since then she moves them in and out of whatever small containers she can find. Sometimes it's toy kitchen dishes, sometimes it's purses, and other times it is socks or mittens. One night she moved her pile into at least 6 different vessels. She spends a lot of focused time doing this. While my 6 year old can't seem to do anything without me for more than 10 minutes, Clare can be found playing with her buttons for 30 minutes at a time.

I'm glad I finally got some pictures of it. I've been wanting to make sure I recorded this funny little fixation she has. My sweet funny Clare!

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