Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Be Specific

Besides health and happiness, I'm thankful for

  • Sophia's sense of humor and her wit.
  • Clare's vocabulary: for so many reasons.
  • Brad's commitment to his family.
  • My amazing group of friends.
  • My parent's marriage.
  • Brad's parents' self-less love.
  • Siblings to laugh with.
  • a warm house.
  • a full freezer.
  • a fulfilling job.
  • a purposeful life.
  • a God of forgiveness and grace.
  • a Savior who teaches.
  • a Spirit that inspires.
  • an Eternal home.


  1. great list! i love your family picture from your brother's wedding! you are a beautiful family!

  2. I love reading your stuff....Miss you!! Happy T-giving!
    JD in GC

  3. Your list is perfect! I love the full fridge - it is easily forgotten how much lots of people don't have and it just puts things in perspective. Thank you for reminding me of things!


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