Monday, December 28, 2009

First Look, First Floor

We actually have a 2nd floor started already, but these pictures are from a little before that. I know some of these won't make much sense, but I'm sharing anyway. :) This is from the back yard. That big empty space will be our living room wall with a fireplace in the middle, but since the living room has a cathedral ceiling, they can't put that wall up until more of the house is put together. Basically, there wouldn't be much to attach it to at this point.

I'm standing at what will be the foot of our stairs. You can see the basement stairs leading downstairs right there at the left. There will be a doorway over there, but you won't see any of that from here, because the stairs will be leading up right over them. To the right then is the living room - the stairs will be open to that room. Beyond the living room over there is the kitchen area.

This picture is taken in that kitchen area, looking back into the living room. The kitchen has a breakfast nook and then that large doorway goes into the living room. The master bedroom is far over there on the other side of the house from where I am. Hopefully we'll have a little more privacy than this, right? :)

I know all this is confusing. The important thing is We Have a First Floor!! :) I can't believe it. Progress will continue to be choppy and somewhat unpredictable based on how much work the guys have and, of course, our fabulous Illinois weather. I love how we got the floors on and then it rained for 2 days. :p It's ok, though. Brad says don't stress about it. He knew that was a big possibility and is not worried about it. Cool. Then I won't worry either.

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  1. The house looks awesome!!!! I can't wait to come and see it in person! Hope you had an awesome Christmas, but I can already see that you did. See you soon!


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