Saturday, July 17, 2010

Be Joyful

Lord, thank you for this exciting week!

Thank you for the fair. Love the family time it brings, love the memories it makes. I love that we can be exposed to the hard work of farmers and kids in this area so we can appreciate them more.

Thank you for Brad’s big win and how much he loved his night. Thank you for keeping him mostly safe J and for keeping everyone else mostly safe too.

Thank you for a morning visit in person with my brother. So rare. So good.

Thank you for sweet corn, corn dogs, ice cold water, and providing for our needs.

Thank you for air conditioning and swimming pools.

Thank you for this incredible family and the relationships that continue to develop and grow.

Thank you for cheers and tears from friends.

Thank you for new babies, here and on the way. Be with their mamas.

Keep reminding me that your plan is better than mine. Lord, help me to stay thankful and joyful after the week is over and the excitement is gone.

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