Friday, November 12, 2010


Clare dr. appointment last Friday. Strep.
Edwin dr. appointment Monday after having a fever Sunday night. Too little for this cold. Doc gave him an anit-biotic and planned for follow-up on Wednesday.
On the mend.
Edwin dr. appointment Wednesday. Looks good. Better and is growing and fabulous.
Sophia dr. appointment Friday. Strep.
Of course.
(She is a pretty great sick kid though, and she is hanging in there great. Crabby and not herself, but not chained to the couch or throwing up or anything.)

So we come back to town to get the prescription and suddenly they think our policy is terminated. Can I just pay the $100 for the drugs and submit the claim myself? Uh, I don't think so. I haven't paid $8000 this year for medical coverage to get reimbursed for $100. So I pull into the parking lot (we have a drive thru pharmacy which is nice), with my 3 children to call the insurance company and find out what the deal is. "Oh, I don't know. We show you are active, blah blah blah." Take my 3 children into the CVS with a phone number they have given me for the pharmacy to call. My girls proceed to loudly try out all the canes as if they are crutches then they want to move to the band-aids. NO! Sit down, for the hundredth time!!
The pharmacy lady comes out. Nope, they are still saying it's terminated.

I'm so mad I cannot speak.
We leave quietly until my children decide they need to share in my anger and vocalize our plight. Sophie and I have some brief discussions about anger.

On the way home she tells me that when she took a drink of water it helped her calm down and maybe I should try it.
Thanks, Soph.

We get home and the pharmacy calls. I've forgotten my wallet there.
"Of course I did." I respond.

We are home making phone calls and trying to figure out what the deal is. It is still unresolved.

One thing I am sure of: Thank you, God this is my only full-time job.


  1. Oh man, sometimes we just have those weeks don't we! When that happens I try to just sit back for a moment and think about how thankful I am to even have children that need these things... (although it is hard in the heat of the moment to be thankful!) It would be nice if things would just be smooth sailing all the time though wouldn't it? I hope everything worked out and Sophie is feeling better! I won't even comment on the insurance thing - insurance companies drive me batty!

  2. Good call! It is nice to have children who are overall healthy and to have medicine that can help them when they are slightly not healthy. I'm ready to throw in the towel on insurance. But honestly, my strongest feeling when I sat down was that I am so happy to not have to deal with this PLUS another job. I've decided my new job description is - Full-time Mom.


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