Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday's Mom Moment

I want to start a regular Monday post called Monday's Mom Moment. Over the course of the week I'll record those special moments, like when your daughter tells your in-laws that though the baby is very capable of lifting his legs high into the sky while laying on his back, when Mommy tried it she could only get her feet "like an inch off the ground." Thanks, Soph. :)

I'm posting this week's today because yesterday was a snowday. And also because I don't want to wait a week and then forget. :) Let's seize the moment, shall we?

So I guess today we get two, because I want to share another Sophie moment from this week. We love the show Modern Family, and we watch it with our kids. Sometimes, if the topic is too much for them, we'll save it for when they are in bed; but frequently it's fine. So we were watching last weeks together and at one point Clare turns to me with a big grin and kindof a laugh and goes, "She has two dads!"

Yep. Yes, she does.

"Yep. Some people have two dads," I say measuring my words.

Sophie pipes up, "Some people have three!"

"No. No, I don't think people usually have three dads, Sophie."

She lost no time in arguing with me. "Yes, Mom. They do." And she pointed up. "Their Father in Heaven! That makes three."

Have a great week. And as Sophie would say, don't forget about your other dad.

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  1. Ok, so this isn't a mom moment...but a school one. I was reading a Health test to a student today...and it was over STD's/HIV/etc. etc. One of the questions was about Gonorrhea...and the girl says to me "Isn't that when you have to go to the bathroom all the time?" It seriously took me a minute and had to think about it, but then I answered her in all seriousness "oh, no hun, that's diaorhea!" Lord help me...
    JD in GC


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