Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday's Mom Moment

Realizations the Weekend Before Christmas

1. Sophie is now 7. Which means she is almost too old for much of the child "technology" - like Leap Frog games. She is on the edge of all categories and I have no idea what Santa can bring her that will really be good.

2. Clare would be happy with almost anything in the store.

3. Edwin is an amazing baby that was perfectly happy all day shopping with me, as long as I paid a little attention to him.

4. Brad gets the same results that I do when he stays home all day long with the girls.

5. When I think back to Christmases growing up, I don't remember the gifts from Santa as much as I remember our Christmas tree, the music we listened to, and all the laughing.

6. I want that for my kids.

7. I spent too much. But I also could have spent way more.

8. I can't wait to be done shopping.

9. If you're patient and try to be positive, the week-before-Christmas-shopping-experience can be decent.

10. Also, if you spend 2 hours in Meijer on Sunday afternoon while everyone else is doing their running around, you miss the worst of it.

11. I love Christmas music.

12. I ONLY HAVE 41/2 DAYS!!

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