Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monday's Mom Moment

I like being with my kids.

I love that my baby boy depends on me for most mealtimes (he started real food this week!), and I love that my girls want to stay home and play with their toys. I’m fascinated listening to Clare’s made-up stories. And I really want to put Sophie’s daily reading at the top of my agenda every afternoon.

When I think what was important before my kids came round, it is worth noting that I might even be annoyed with someone like the me that now exists. Someone who these days would rather stay home and do laundry and play preschool games, than meet for lunch. Someone who is obnoxiously worried about how the price of gas is going to hurt her checkbook. Someone who gets excited about bunk beds, and bananas ripe for bread-making, and her oldest starting piano lessons.

Life has changed a lot, even in the last few years. But it has certainly changed for the better. As I hold my baby boy and think about how dependent he is on me, I feel my sense of purpose resonate in my soul. When I’m changing Clare’s clothes after church, I steal a hug and hold on to the moment that is so short. When Sophie announces that she can get out of the shower by herself and she just needs a towel waiting for her - I look up at Brad and raise my eyebrows. She just keeps growing. Silly, sappy moments, that I love. That I get to live. That make me the mom I am so glad to be.

It was a weekend where I paused... and looked around... and saw a happy mom, with a great job, and no reason to rush off to the next thing too quickly. My kids need me here... in this moment.

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