Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The List

I'm in big trouble.
I was reading my "About 2010" blog post to Brad, and I get done and after an appropriate pause he says, "I didn't even make the list."

Didn't make the list?! What? You ARE the list! I'm not going to put I'm thankful for my husband - when I've said all these other things. I have this whole deal about you at the beginning and #5 is ALL YOU and how you are such a great builder!!

Then he picks up the framed newspaper headline that I got him for Christmas and points at the headline: WAGNER CLAIMS DEMO DERBY TITLE.

Yes, you're right. I did forget that.
How could I? What a fun night. Brad has been building demo cars for.. well, almost since I met him. He tried to quit when we moved. He really made an effort. Looked around for other hobbies (we both feel hobbies are important for us to have), spent money on them, did research, tried them out - it just didn't work. He loves it.

So I quit trying to get him to leave it.
I like seeing him happy.

Which is why it really was SO exciting when he won. I went crazy, all 8 months pregnant of me, screaming and practically crying when it was all over. Oh my goodness, it was a redneck moment. :) And it was a good one.

So, I'm resolving this situation with a full post to recognize this very exciting highlight of our year. Brad spends way less than many of the guys he competes with, works side jobs to pay for the expenses he does have, and builds smart. It's fun to see him get excited about it and find new solutions. All that problem solving is good for his brain too. His win was very cool and kindof a big deal for him. I can appreciate that.

2010 was good.

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