Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Housewives of Central IL

There is a tight-knit group of us moms that regularly marvel at how God has blessed us with each other. We have very little girl-drama in our group, judgment is somehow kept at bay, and the cattiness is non-existent. I know. It’s crazy. I mean, I’m not sure it can be documented anywhere else. ;) Instead we feel uplifted and encouraged by each other. A well-timed phone call, a dropped-off meal, your favorite drink appearing on your counter – everyone should have such good friends.

We are amused with the contrast between our lives and that of “Housewives of ____.” Not only do we work with much smaller budgets (understatement!), but our relationships are sources of positive energy and love – not negativity and complication. We think the world should know about Housewives of IL and how great female friendship CAN be, and we’ve joked about getting our own show. But we also know it might be too boring for today’s audiences. J

These days most of us have sick children. RSV, ear-infections, sinus infections, stomach issues – just like any other group of moms these days, we are having our challenges. Then of course there are part-time jobs, housework, online obligations, PTL, and other various extra-curricular activities thrown into the mix. Add in a funeral or two, a sick husband, the rocketing price of gas, and a sudden change in a deadline - and you’ve got the recipe for a stressed-out mom.

Two of us were exchanging lists of craziness yesterday. As I walked back to my van I thought – “So much for Housewives of Central IL… How ‘bout Super-Moms?” I mean, seriously – what superhero wants to fly into the face of these challenges? So far we’re holding it together (mostly) in the midst of $180 prescriptions, a burnt meal-exchange, and a trip to New Jersey for a funeral. Whininess is no match for our focus! A smokey kitchen will not shut down our mission to feed our families! Money? Who needs it? We will find a way! We triumph over it with a fabulous $100 deal at a water-park on the way home from the funeral! We prevail with a pizza-order, met with cheers from our children (and husband)! We settle in with our babies at home, happy for the break their infection provides – we don’t have any money to go anywhere anyway!!

Maybe it’s deliria or denial. But somehow we come out of it with a smile. Thank goodness for our hilarious children. Thank goodness for prayer. And praise the Lord for our friends. Ready at a moment’s notice, gifted with the powers of comfort and support – The Super-Moms of Central IL will do whatever they have to do to uphold the statutes of family. This is our job and though we wish earnestly that someone else would come clean our kitchens, we move forward with resilience. We will be victorious!!!


  1. Awesome post - I'm so glad to be part of the "super-moms of IL"! It is so true that we have something special. I had good friends, in MN and WA but NOTHING like what I have here!

  2. I enjoyed reading this Angiejean! You said it all very well. I went to put on my pink sparkly super mom cape as we flew out the door this morning but realized it's lost in the laundry somewhere! :)

  3. Lol, Kelly! Let's all get some of those! Thanks, Christine - agreed!:)


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