Friday, March 4, 2011


Been a few weeks since I posted and I'm well aware of the fact. I want to be writing, but there is so much to do! Life is good lately, just busy.

But Hearts at Home is in one week and I'm really looking forward to it. I know I could use the fill-up and I am excited to come home more enthusiastic and refreshed for my family. Hearts has been such a life-changing experience for me over the years. Here is a list of advice I've gotten from Hearts at Home Conference that has changed my life. It is no particular order. (Although the first two were from year one. That was an emotional year for sure.)

1. Your life needs margins. Do what you have to do to get them.

2. If you have a demon, you need to face him; for the sake of your children, your husband, and yourself.

3. If you want to be a good parent, take care of your marriage. Find time to get away together. You're kids will benefit greatly.

4. You are someone apart from being a mom. Figure out who it is, because someday your babies will grow up and you will need a life.

5. God made you a mom for these kids very much on purpose. Don't be so hard on yourself. You have special qualities that make you the best person for this job.

6. Sex is really a big deal for your marriage. So is communicating. Find a way to fulfill the needs of both parties.

7. You're not alone.

8. Get a family picture taken. Even if it's just a snapshot. Print it 5x7 or bigger. Hang it in your house. It will be uplifting to you and your kids.

9. Take time for yourself. Also, take time to hang out with Jesus - just the two of you.

10. Pray without ceasing.

I believe they still accept walk-ins, if you're interested! Let me know, I'll meet you there! ;)

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