Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yikes, it has been a while. I was thinking yesterday - I hope after we move I can do this regularly again. I imagine myself sitting in the sunlight of my new kitchen, at the table - no doubt surrounded in chaos only having moved that week - but writing.  Taking time a few times a week to write. 

Life continues to change. It makes me smile because I think usually we say "nothing new here," while all the while nothing is really the same. Kids are growing, we are learning, life throws us its surprises and we bounce back acting as if nothing happened. But honestly, nothing is the same. Edwin turned ONE this weekend. Much to our confusion, it has been a year since we first met him! He has been as handsome and charming as we suspected he would be. This weekend he went from occasionally taking a few steps when we begged him, to awkwardly making his way to the things he wants – namely his new toys or the visitors we had.  Very fun.  

The girls have gotten into the groove of their new school year.  We have welcomed the routine and adjusted nicely, I think.  In the midst of working at the new house and trying to maintain regular daily stuff, I didn’t know if it would be possible.  But it has been good.  Crazy, but good. 

Brad and I have entered our 13th year of marriage and feel like we’ve started something new in our life together.  A series of events has shown us (or reminded us?) of the importance of connecting daily.  We’ve been really intentionally spending time together - almost every day - turning the TV off, listening to each other and working on US.  It has been challenging but good.  We both know that we are moving towards a better place as a couple and a family.  The world looks different from here, but it’s growing on us. 

The house is closer than ever!  J  I say that with a laugh – it had better be!!  Brad has been working hard to “finish.”  The finishing is just as time-consuming as the starting.  Trim, floors, cabinets, plumbing, stairs (eventually we will not have to climb a ladder to get in!), lighting – before we can get final inspection done.  It looks more like a house certainly, but until we have the magic papers we can’t move in.  Besides, who wants to move in without carpet and then have to move everything around 2 more times?  Anyway, so thankful for Brad’s mom and Aunt Kathy varnishing doors.  And father-in-law Denny has moved all kinds of dirt so you can even tell where the yard ends and the driveway starts!  We are very excited. 

I was pretty bummed last weekend as I looked ahead at all the work to be done and how we might not be in by the end of September as we’d planned.  I had my little meltdown and delt.  But then on Monday I read something about goal-setting that was really comforting.  It was actually in a Pampered Chef newsletter that I get.  Karyn Battey, who was recently promoted to Executive Director, says this: 

“Don’t be afraid to set big, lofty goals.  After all, someone has to have them!  Just make sure to set a deadline.  If you don’t meet that deadline, don’t abandon the goal.  Simply celebrate what you’ve accomplished thus far, decide what you’re going to do next, and set a new deadline.”

This was a good moment for me.  It’s REALLY hard to set lofty goals – or at least it is for me.  And my husband is worse than I am!  But we had decided back in July that it would be a good idea to set a goal for a move-in date.  That this would drive us and push us and help us stay focused.  And it has.  And certainly there is plenty to celebrate!  The house looks amazing, it’s better than I ever imagined, and we WILL move in one of these days.  Happy about change!

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