Friday, December 21, 2012

Perfect Christmas

Recently on Jill Savage’s blog, she admitted that while she would like a Christmas with the perfect decorations, and the Praise-the-Lord music playing and the Christmas story being read every night after dinner throughout Advent – that might not be realistic for her life today.

Whew!  Hearing that made me feel better.  What’s that FB post that I’ve seen?  Something like “There is no way you can be a perfect mother.  But there are about 1,000 ways you can be a good one.”

Ø     Taking advantage of those teachable moments when they arise, instead of forcing them when the young kids are tired and crabby.

Ø  Reading a Bible Story instead of Fancy Nancy, even if it isn’t the Christmas telling but your daughter’s favorite about David & Goliath that she insists you read for the 50th time.

Ø  An extra hug.  A silly song.  A happy smile.  These are what lets our kids know they are loved.  Not the perfect house, the ornaments being just so, or the Christmas hymns on repeat.

If you’re a mom or a dad of youngins’ – helping-kids-feel-loved is your job this holiday season.  Enjoy.

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